I am Tired!

Today could have been a lot worse, I guess.  At least I had some relief.

I got up at 6, like I do every weekday.  I was feeling all right.  Not great, but not too bad either.  Started to get the kids up for school.  That’s when the fun started.  Cranky children make for a cranky mama.  That tends to start the headache.  I was trying to keep my cool.  It didn’t work.  Pain, nausea, tears.  I was already a wreck.  

Finally got the kids out the door.  A few deep breaths and I was ready for some breakfast.   Fiance and I managed a walk around town, which actually felt really good.  I thought, “Hey, today might actually be a good day.”  

I was wrong.

By noon, I was taking meds and laying down.  Managed a decent nap and woke up refreshed.  I was able to work on laundry.  I even walked up to the school to get the kids.  We got home, got through homework without too much trouble (which is a relief in and of itself) then they got their clothes put away.  I was starting to lose momentum by then, but I was able to make dinner and eat it.

I am now writing this as I contemplate going back to bed.  I’m really tired of sleeping all the time, but at the moment, it’s about the only way to deal with the pain when the meds aren’t helping.

I have an appointment next week with the doctor to go over my medicines.  I hope we can find not only something abortive to stop the migraines when I get them, but also better medicine to control how often I am getting them.


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