Test Results

Today was a day for a couple of test results.

My blood work from last week came back *mostly* normal.  

While my sodium is technically normal, it’s on the low side of normal.  The doctor is not worried about since I am taking a few medications that can affect sodium.

My cholesterol is “border-line high”. Nothing too bad, but still something to work on.  Time to work a little more on my food intake and exercise just a bit more than I have been.

I also got the results back from my pulse oximetry test.  While it’s not too worrisome, I do need to have a more intensive sleep study done.  So now I am waiting for yet another referral.  

At least everything is progressing.

On another good note, the anti nausea medicine is working.  Though it really makes me sleepy, at least I am no longer completely miserable. 


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