First and Foremost

I haven’t kept a daily journal since I was in high school.  I loved writing down all that was in my mind then.  It may even have helped me to sleep.  Maybe I should start again. 

I came across a link on Pinterest that started me thinking about it again.  That pin took me here.

I loved the idea immediately.  I know it will not be easy starting to journal again and I think this will help me to at least get started.  I may not be a great writer, but I know that sometimes my brain just won’t shut off.  It’s hard to put to words what is running through my head and having at least a starting point will probably help immensely. 

I once took a through the mail course on interior design.  I never finished it, but I’ve always wanted to keep playing with colors and designs.  I found it!  COLOURlovers is a lot of fun.  I have thoroughly enjoyed adding colors to almost every design I come across on there.  My girls love it, too.  They are forever asking me if they can “play the coloring game” on my computer.

I think I have exhausted my brain for this round of writing.  See y’all tomorrow!


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