New Medicine

I saw my neurologist yesterday. He was very happy with me. He actually told me thank you twice for following his instructions. I get the feeling that a lot of patients don’t.

I asked him about my panic issues during my aura. He said it’s kinda like “the chicken and the egg”. Considering how long I’ve been dealing with migraines, it’s a wonder I haven’t had panic attacks sooner.

I asked him about my restless leg issues. He said while they are probably not related, it makes sense that I might have it. It’s fairly common (about 10% of the population has it) and it’s hereditary (my mom has it).

He also said that since I have done my part, it was now time for him to do his part. We have decided to try Gabapentin, both for the migraines and for the leg issues.

I took one last night before bed. When I woke up this morning, I could still feel it, that medicine head feeling. So far, I haven’t had much in the way of head pain, just light pain with none of the sharp pain I have become almost used to. This has made me optimistic.

I am supposed to call in 2 weeks to let him know how I am feeling and we will go from there.

*toes crossed*


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