The subject for today’s musings is brought to you by The One-Minute Writer.


Today’s Writing Prompt: Art

What’s your favorite work of art? What do you love about it?
This one is actually pretty easy though I have 2. They are called The Accolade and Godspeed, by Edmund Blair Leighton.
I’ve always been interested in all things medieval. King Arthur, Merlin, Knights of the Round Table, those are all very cool. A man being knighted by his queen, a lady bestowing her token on a knight before he goes off to war; these are what I imagine when I think of chivalry and knighthood.

While I was looking for these images, I found another that I found pretty neat. I’m a bit of a Star Wars fan. Add that to one of my favorite images and I’m all for it.  This one is also called The Accolade and was found on deviantart.  The artist is mataleoneRJ.


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