Online Adoration

The subject for today’s musings is brought to you by The One-Minute Writer.


Today’s Writing Prompt: Online Adoration

Have you ever made a friend or fallen in love with someone you met online?
Oh, this one is almost too easy. I am currently engaged to a wonderful man. We met online. I had been trying the online thing for awhile with no luck. I just couldn’t click with anyone. I was sure it was going to be like that for awhile, if not forever.
Then, one day, he messaged me. We talked for awhile. We talked daily for quite awhile. It was almost constantly through out the day. We decided to meet in person. We chose the Spudnut shop in Richland. Our conversation was as wonderful as always. When we were done there, we wanted more time, so we walked the Parkade and visited some of the shops. I’m not even sure how much time we spent, but we enjoyed the time.
I have to admit, I wasn’t sure. I was so comfortable. I was hoping for sparks, fireworks, or something else like it. I figured we would just stay friends. A coworker suggested I give it some more time.
So we continued talking. Then I invited him to my house for a day of cards, Yahtzee, and other games. We had a blast. My kids loved him. I was so happy. The warm glow was much better than any fireworks could ever be.
On May 2, 2011, he did the cutest thing ever. He asked me if he could tell his friends that I was his girlfriend. I knew then that I was in love.


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