Mom’s Favorite Sayings

The inspiration from this came from this picture on Pinterest.


Here is my list of most heard sayings.

1. What part of no don’t you understand?  This is usually followed by:
2. I just told your sister no, what makes you think I’m going to tell you yes?
3. I don’t care who started it.  I’m finishing it.
4. Who said life is far?
          These all stem from having 4 girls in the house who are very close in age (7, 8, 8, 9).  They usually all want the same thing and I am forever repeating myself.

5. I don’t know is not an answer.
    This mostly pertains to one child.  Doing homework with her is not pleasant.  She likes to try to get me to tell her the answer.

6. Because I said so, that’s why.  
    I try not to use this one, but sometimes, it’s the best answer.

7. No whistling, opera, or running in the house.
    Between the 4 kids, 2 have ADHD and one has ADD.  They all love music.  While I’m glad that they do, having migraines makes it difficult to tolerate little girl voices when they decide to sing loud.  

All of these phrases, except #6, are heard almost daily in my house.  As a person who hates repeating herself, this can be frustrating.  But being a mom makes it all worth it.


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