Happy Mother’s Day


To all of the new Mom’s – Congratulations! Enjoy the journey you have set yourself upon. It is ALWAYS worth it.

 To the Mom’s that have lost a child – My deepest condolences. It is truly heartbreaking to lose anyone and even harder when it is your child.

 To all the Foster/Adopted Moms – Thank you for taking a little one and making them your own.

 To all the Dad’s being Mom, too – Stay strong. You can do it.

 To all the single Mom’s – Stay strong. You got this.

 To all the step Mom’s – Thank you for accepting the child of someone else and loving them all the same.

 To all the expecting Mom’s – Congratulations! You are on the way to a wonderful journey.

 To all those who placed their children up for adoption – I grieve with you. But know that I honor you as well. You knew you couldn’t care for the child properly and did what was best for that child.

To all the Grandma’s raising their grandchildren – thank you for taking over when your own children were unable to. You are the reason we exist and we love you.


To my Mom, Janie – I love you. Thank you for raising me to be a strong woman.

 To my first step mom, Sharlee – I love you. Thank you for loving all 3 of us. Thank you for loving our kids, even after you were no longer technically our step mom. I know my brother and sister have especially benefited from your presence in our lives.

 To my current step mom, Trina – I love you. Thank you for taking on this extremely scattered family and adding it to your own.



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