My Migraine History

My migraines started at a young age. I vividly remember the scare; my parents being worried enough to take me to the ER one day. A friend of mine had recently been hospitalized for meningitis and they thought I might have it. To test for that, the doctors had to do a spinal tap. Can you imagine having to lay on a hospital bed, wide awake, and having someone stick a needle in your spine? The pain was excruciating; the worst I had ever had at the age of 9.

After the test came back normal, I was officially diagnosed with migraines. Since they weren’t “bad enough”, nothing was done about them. I only had them a few times a year, after all. How bad could that be?

By high school, they had gotten worse. While still only a few times a year, I was now missing school because of them. I didn’t go to the doctor or do anything else about them, because I didn’t know that was an option. Excedrin worked for them, so that is what I would take.

As my adult life has progressed, so too have my migraines. From a couple of times a year as a young adult to daily in my 30’s. I am now taking multiple medications, trying to find the right “cocktail” to help curb my migraines. Any day that I don’t have one is a miracle.

Daily migraines makes life difficult. I can’t work. Driving is chancy. My favorite hobby of reading has become painful. The hardest part of having daily migraines, however, is not being as active with my children as I would like to be.

While my life isn’t as bad as it could be, it is still difficult.  I hold on to hope that someday, it will get better.Musings Background


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