Post Op Catch Up


Soft Beach Flowers

I’m feeling pretty good today.  Being only the second day after surgery, I wasn’t sure if I would.  Most of my body feels fine.  The incision sites are the most painful and even those are pretty minor today.  I’m going to try going without the narcotics today and just stick with ibuprofen.  I’m even looking forward to eating more than a couple of crackers and some rice today.  Fruit, yogurt and bagel all sound good to me.  Maybe a turkey sandwich for lunch.  I just have to try to stick with low fat and bland foods for a week.  I don’t think that will be too hard, just have to dig through the cupboards and see what all we have.

Thank you to all of you who have wished me well.  I greatly appreciate it.  It also seems to be working.  I just have to remember to not over do and set myself back.

A few ColourLovers to start the day.


Dark Gold Knotwork


Italian Leaves

Celtic Hearts

Celtic Hearts

Butterfly Magic

Butterfly Magic

Migraine Knotwork

Migraine Knotwork


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