A World Without Migraines

imagesJune is Migraine & Headache Awareness Month. Migraine & Headache Awareness Month (MHAM) is an annual observation in the United States with the goal of building awareness, educating the public and reducing the stigma associated with Migraine, Cluster Headache and other Headache Disorders. The 2014 blog prompt theme is “Dreaming of a World without Headache and Migraine.”

The MHAM Blog Challenge prompt for today is: ““A Whole New World” video from the movie Aladdin.”

If I had better control of my migraines, the world would be new to me. I could once again do all the things I used to. I could try all the things I want to, but don’t for fear of causing a migraine.

More than anything, I want to be able to enjoy my children’s music programs. Right now, they are so painful for me that I don’t even go. It’s not fair to my kids and it’s not fair to me.

Just the other day, Ted and I were talking about going to something like Lollapalooza. I bet that would be so much fun. All the people and the all day concerts.

One of Ted’s friends has a birthday party at Chuckie Cheese every year. I would like to be able to handle that so we could go.

I want to be able to walk out of my house without a pair of sunglasses. I want to be able to see everything in it’s natural color and beauty.

I want to be able to plan a trip without having to worry about my migraines making it impossible to drive.

A world without migraines would definitely be “A Whole New World”.

A Whole New World - One without migraines.

A Whole New World – One without migraines.


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