New Opportunities


I have decided to try something different. I’m tired of feeling like I don’t contribute to the household. I know I do a bit, but I feel that it isn’t enough. I’ve been debating on selling Avon for some time now. Last week, I signed up.

My reasons for choosing Avon? It is pretty inexpensive to sign up, I don’t have to have parties, and the things I will be selling will run out and people will need/want more, so I’ll have repeat customers. Another reason for me choosing Avon is that I can work around my migraines with it. If I have a migraine that is bad enough to make it impossible for me to drive, I can deliver orders the next day.

Ted and I were worried about it causing difficulties since I have filed for disability. According to the attorney’s office, if I can’t make more than $400 a month in a 6 month period, then they consider that a failed work trial. So I’ll either do well enough to not need disability, or I won’t do well and it will be considered when I do go to trial. I’m hoping that I will do well with it. I don’t want to be on disability if I don’t have to.

So, please keep your fingers crossed that this works for me.


Water Flowers

Beautiful Butterfly

Beautiful Butterfly

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