Post Surgery Migraines Suck

Since my surgery, my migraines have gotten really bad. I’m not sure why. I have an appointment to see the neurologist on August 11th, but I’m wondering if I should try to get an earlier appointment.

I am also seeing my primary doctor today to go over some blood work I had done a couple of weeks ago. We are checking my hormone levels to see if they are part of the problem. If they are normal, it’s on to more blood work.

I haven’t had anything below a 5 in a month and I’ve had pain every day. I’m not sure if it’s one constant migraine that ebbs and flows or if it’s a new one every day, but I’m so very tired. Last night, I had a new symptom. I woke up at 2:30am for my usual bathroom trip. Going back to sleep proved difficult as I was hearing something that sounded like a rumbling that would change it’s volume. I don’t think there was anything actually making that noise; I think I was hallucinating. Normal noises are bad enough. Hallucinating ones, I have decided, is even worse. There is no getting away from it, no matter what you do.

My favorite hobby of reading has become mostly nonexistent. I can’t concentrate long enough, nor does my head not hurt long enough. I’ve resorted to listening to the few audio books I have, again.

Maybe I’ll call the neurologist’s office today and see what they say.


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