The Devil in My Head

The demon in my head was awake Thursday night. First, I couldn’t get to sleep. I then woke numerous times, one of those because of the pain said demon was inflicting. I finally woke for good, 2 hours before my alarm.  This is not something that my head can handle.  Once the girls were off to school for the day, I had Ted take me down to the ER.  This was one of the more pleasant visits I’ve had since moving to Almira.10603775_10204636137040928_8615781582781815929_n

First off, the nurse turned the lights out before I even got to the room.  Rather than make me repeat everything more than necessary, he only asked what he had to.  Since I had brought notes with me, (I was having trouble thinking and knew I would have trouble at the ER), he took those to the doctor.  It included the list of medications my neurologist wanted me to start with.  The doctor got started on that right away.  We also talked, me through Ted, about how we have been trying to get Outpatient Therapy orders.  Since neither my primary doctor nor my neurologist have privileges at this particular hospital, we haven’t been able to get it done.  She wrote the orders for me!  So now, instead of having to go through the entire ER process, I can now go straight to getting the help I need.  I can go as often as once a week, which I think should be more than enough.10006221_10153143698978154_6638083374621092673_n

The only part I’m not completely happy with is one of the medications.  It’s a steroid called Dexamethazone.  I’ve had this in the past and I’m not fond of the side effects.  Steroids have a habit of making it hard for me to sleep.  This one in particular like to make me sweat, literally.  I woke up at least twice last night just drenched in sweat.  One of those times, I was so uncomfortable, that I got up and changed the clothes I was sleeping in.  Maybe next time, I’ll just have to forgo the clothing completely.

Today, while not feeling 100%, I have been able to do laundry.  I haven’t had to take a nap.  I’m hoping to be able to stay up long enough to tuck the kids in to bed.  They need it and so do I.


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