Sgt. Pepper the Puppy

The humans have brought home a dog. I do not like this dog. It’s big and scary. I will have to watch it very closely.  ~Pandora

Pandora and Pepper

Pandora and Cuddles are not sure of this new thing in the house. Cuddles stays back in Grandpa’s bedroom most of the time. She will come out and eat, but only if she doesn’t see the pup. Pandora has gotten braver. Though she, too, was spending a lot of time back in Grandpa’s bedroom, she has started to come out to her favorite spots, as long as Pepper stays away. This morning was the closest she has gotten to him, voluntarily and without hissing. I think she’ll be back to roaming the house soon, even if it’s carefully.

Watching the Big Bad Dog very closely

Watching the Big Bad Dog very closely

Pepper Hair

Pepper loves Mommy’s hair

Pepper loves to cuddle and snuggle. He also loves to burrow. Whether it’s in his blankets or in my hair, it’s all the same to him. It’s a safe place to sleep.


2 thoughts on “Sgt. Pepper the Puppy

  1. LOL! That is just adorable. The “big scary dog,” indeed. I remember when we first brought a cat home and the dog just sat on the floor and cried. I could just picture him thinking, “this is so offensive, this is a cat, I don’t do cats, what are you people thinking??” He would lie on the sofa and whine as if, “there’s a cat in here, if you’re not going to let me handle it, would you people please do something about it??”

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    • LOL! Pets are the silliest things sometimes. The things that scare them just crack me up. They are so entertaining, too. Which is why we love them so much. Wouldn’t it be fun to be able to understand them, even for only a day?

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