Being Female

The last week has been agony.  I’ve discovered that the week leading up to my period is the worst for migraines.  Then there is the week of the period.  Between the migraines, the cramps, and the back pain, it’s almost enough to make me regret getting my tubes tied and losing my IUD.  I almost wonder if it would be beneficial to get a hysterectomy.  I know that it’s not guaranteed to help, but at least I wouldn’t have that week of pure hell.

On a different topic, I’m not going to push myself to make the big posts like I usually do.  Little ones like this are perfect.  I get my thoughts out and I think that just might be a good thing.  Baby steps.


4 thoughts on “Being Female

  1. I’ve been a much happier camper since using the nuvaring continuously… Steady stream of low-dose estrogen, no period! Don’t know if this is an option for you, but putting it out there just in case.


  2. Hi, I really feel for you and totally get your pain. I had a hysterectomy 14 months ago (ovaries left in so didn’t go into premature menopause), whilst on the Migraine front I don’t seem to have a pattern, however, not having 7-10 of horrendous bleeding/clots, dragging backache and labour like contractions is one of THE BEST THINGS I have ever done. I had a prolapse Uterus and they removed Fybroids when I had the op. It’s a very personal decision – even deciding if I should keep my ovaries was a biggie for me. Maybe chat to your doctor or Gynaecologist just to see what the possibilities/options are?? Take Care Sammie


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