Zentangle: Day 2

Day 2 of Zentangle lessons was even better than Day 1.  I learned some cool new designs.


Kings Bridge






Day 2 even came with an assignment: Create a Zentangle tile with the three new patterns and any pattern previously learned.  I may have broadened the “previously learned” a bit as I used one that I learned before I got the book, but I’m VERY satisfied with the result.

After I finished my assignment, I drew out 6 new patterns.  









 I think I will make this a thing.  I like learning new ones. I’m really enjoying this Zentangle thing.  The only thing I’m frustrated with at the moment is finding a way to store my blank tiles.  I have them in a sandwich baggie right now, but that is not a permanent solution.  I’ve seen numerous ways of storing designs and patterns, but not blank tiles.

I think having something to do is helping to distract me from some of my migraine pain.  As long as it’s not too bad, at least.  It’s nice to have something to occupy my brain with.


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