Very Bad, No Good Day

Yesterday was easily the worst migraine I’ve had in a very long time. Yes, I have them daily. Yes, I’ve had worse pain, recently even. But I don’t know that I have ever felt so terrible during a migraine.

I started noticing symptoms as soon as my children got up. That should have clued me in. Normally, it takes a big longer before their antics start to bug me. Not only was it immediate, but they were more than just bugging me. I was outright annoyed. I can usually put up with them a bit, even when they bother me. Not this time.

Then the nausea hit.  That doesn’t usually hit until the afternoon and it usually isn’t so bad.

I managed to make it until after lunch before the worst hit: anxiety. Normally, it’s minor and short lived.  Not this time. It was like a constant panic attack, without the chest pain that I get. I couldn’t be around anyone, so I hid in my room. Every time I tried to leave it, I would get fidgety and cranky. Everything annoyed me: the dog, the cat, the kids, the feel of the blanket on my legs. It was easily the most uncomfortable I have ever been without being in immense pain.

I still feel bad for my family for having to put up with me yesterday. I was not even close to being at my best. Ted especially bore the brunt of it. He actually snapped at me yesterday, which is not normal. That started a crying jag, which didn’t help any.

I’m still not feeling well this morning. I hope it doesn’t turn out like yesterday. I’m not sure I can take another day like yesterday.

Pepper sticking very close to Mama. He knows I don't feel good.

Pepper sticking very close to Mama. He knows I don’t feel good.


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