Mother’s Day Zentangles

Yesterday was a pretty good day. My girls made wind chimes out of tiny clay pots and beads. They are really quite cute. I also received this wonderful book.  I’ve only done one lesson so far, and I’m already feeling better about my tangles. My previous attempts didn’t have any shading. It wasn’t something I could figure out. The first lesson showed me some good tips for it. Here are a few of the tangles I’ve done.

These first two were done last week, before I got my book.  

Y-Ful Power



This one is the first from the book that I did. It’s the only one I’m not happy with. It’s called Static.



 These next two turned out much better. They are called Tipple and Crescent Moon.



Crescent Moon


After my “lesson”, I worked on a few other designs that I’ve done before, but I wanted to see if I could do better. Here are Bricks and Braids. 




 After that, I worked on one I’ve been wanting to do: Union Jack. 

Union Jack

 I wanted to do a basket weave after that, but it didn’t turn out the way I wanted. I’m not disappointed, however. I think I’ve created my first Zentangle design. I call it Argyle because that was the first thing I thought of when I finished it.


Now, on to today’s lesson.


Impending Doom

Today is the day before Easter. Most of you probably know this. What you may not know, is that our little town is having the annual Easter Egg Hunt today. My kids have really been looking forward to this. I’ve been looking forward to it, too, both because my kids will love it and because it will make me get out of the house.

Now, I’m bummed. I can feel a migraine coming on. I’m not in pain yet, but I still feel it. How, you ask? Simple. My kids are clear across the house, talking quietly, and I am feeling the urge to yell at them to please be quiet.

Time to take my Naratriptan and pray it works.